Help Make Your Business Boom


Wondering how something as simple as a working capital loan can help make your business boom? Take a minute to read this client's story and how we were able to help them grow and improve their business by acquiring additional working capital (we have left out the business' information for privacy). The best part about [...]

Help Make Your Business Boom2019-08-26T12:10:54-05:00

Free Credit Card Terminal Scam


It has been brought to our attention that some of you may have received calls from an out-of-state credit card processing provider claiming that your processing equipment is out-of-date and that you must upgrade your equipment now. It is part of a "Free Terminal Scam" that has been targeting business owners. The company does not immediately disclose who [...]

Free Credit Card Terminal Scam2013-07-15T15:46:16-05:00

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Business’ Credit Card Processing Costs


Accepting credit cards is a must have for most businesses today but the convenience doesn't come free – at least for the business. Many consumers do not know that businesses are responsible for all processing fees incurred by accepting all credit card types. To all you business owners out there – there are things you [...]

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Business’ Credit Card Processing Costs2019-08-26T13:38:32-05:00
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