Depositphotos_25849243_xsWondering how something as simple as a working capital loan can help make your business boom? Take a minute to read this client’s story and how we were able to help them grow and improve their business by acquiring additional working capital (we have left out the business’ information for privacy).

The best part about being in the lending business is helping people. One of my very first clients in lending was a restaurateur of a casual, family-style Italian restaurant. I meet him through a non-profit group that we mutually belonged.

He had purchased this restaurant a few years prior and the restaurant had a reputation for great food and he has the ‘perfect’ personality to run a family Italian restaurant. His personality is warm and inviting. He loves to get to know and understand what his customers want when they come to his restaurant. He invests into the community through in-kind donations and other means of helping people.

One day after a meeting for our non-profit, he stopped me to ask if we could sit down and discuss my loan programs. Just like any business, unexpected expenses come up. He needed to do some work on the parking lot and his building. It had been a while since it had been repaired and it was starting to diminish the building’s street appeal. He knew exactly what he needed to resurface the parking lot. He had been to his bank and like most banks, they wanted pristine credit, collateral to back the loan and a first-born just in case he went out of business.

Within 5 business days, we were able to lend him $55,000 to get the needed repairs to the exterior of the building and parking lot. He was so proud of the way his restaurant looked afterwards! He paid the loan back on time and he continues to be a customer of mine today, 6 years later!!!

We talk at least a 3-4 times/year. We exchange greetings and catch up on how the families are doing. It’s a wonderful thing to develop relationships that extend beyond the business transaction! I am a lucky person to have so many wonderful clients!

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