5 Ways to Reduce Fraud Over the Holidays


Written by Cara Dolberg With the holidays quickly approaching, we want to give you important information on how to reduce fraudulent charges. As a business owner or manager, this information will help keep your money in your pocket and will reduce the headache of dealing with fraudulent charges down the road. A chargeback [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Fraud Over the Holidays2013-11-26T15:40:19-06:00

Credit Card Processing Questionnaire


Choosing the right credit card processing company can be a confusing task. What questions do you ask? What will the costs really be? To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of questions that you should ask any prospective credit card processing provider and even your current provider. Have your sales representative sign [...]

Credit Card Processing Questionnaire2013-11-20T08:32:14-06:00

Why Comply with PCI Security Standards?


Earlier this month, Adobe’s system was hacked and sensitive card holder and customer information was compromised that could impact as many as three million people worldwide. A data breach of any level can happen to any size business at any time. The cost of a breach for a small business could mean the end of [...]

Why Comply with PCI Security Standards?2013-10-16T18:07:50-05:00

Grow your business – ask for referrals!


Growing your business through referrals and word-of-mouth can be easier and more profitable than you think. You just need to know how to ask for those valuable referrals. FACT: People would rather do business with people they know or are familiar with. Few things are more reassuring to a potential client than receiving a positive [...]

Grow your business – ask for referrals!2013-09-17T10:41:59-05:00

How long should I keep my business’ transaction receipts?


As a business owner, do you know how long you should keep your credit card transaction receipts? If you get rid of them too early, you could expose your business to unnecessary liability. The most important reason for keeping your credit card transaction receipts is to avoid and fight chargebacks. A chargeback occurs when a [...]

How long should I keep my business’ transaction receipts?2013-08-21T13:55:23-05:00

Free Credit Card Terminal Scam


It has been brought to our attention that some of you may have received calls from an out-of-state credit card processing provider claiming that your processing equipment is out-of-date and that you must upgrade your equipment now. It is part of a "Free Terminal Scam" that has been targeting business owners. The company does not immediately disclose who [...]

Free Credit Card Terminal Scam2013-07-15T15:46:16-05:00

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Business’ Credit Card Processing Costs


Accepting credit cards is a must have for most businesses today but the convenience doesn't come free – at least for the business. Many consumers do not know that businesses are responsible for all processing fees incurred by accepting all credit card types. To all you business owners out there – there are things you [...]

4 Easy Ways to Lower Your Business’ Credit Card Processing Costs2019-08-26T13:38:32-05:00

Protect yourself, and your money, from fraud.


Credit cards offer us convenience, access to additional funds, and most of all rewards. However, they don’t come with 100 percent security so it’s important that you know how to protect yourself from credit card fraud. From low tech dumpster diving to high tech hacking, fraud can happen in a variety of ways and to [...]

Protect yourself, and your money, from fraud.2013-05-21T13:46:48-05:00

PCI Compliance Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  What are PCI’s Data Security Standards (DSS)? A.   A common set of industry tools and measurements to ensure the safe handling of sensitive information.  DSS was initially created by aligning Visa's Account Information Security (AIS)/Cardholder Information Security (CISP) programs with MasterCard's Site Data Protection (SDP) program.  This provides a framework for developing a robust [...]

PCI Compliance Frequently Asked Questions2013-05-17T08:09:24-05:00

What does it mean to be PCI compliant?


Let’s get started with what PCI actually is.  PCI stands for Payment Card Industry, which is often termed simply “the Council.”  PCI is a global forum that was launched in 2006 to develop, maintain and manage PCI Standards, which include the Data Security Standard (DSS), Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS), and PIN Transaction Security [...]

What does it mean to be PCI compliant?2013-05-14T17:40:13-05:00
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