Pay Now! Speed Up Payments With A Simple Website Button


Adding a payment button to your website will speed up payments and make it easier for the patient! First things first, when a patient clicks the “Pay Now” option on your website, it’s going to redirect them to a payment gateway. What is a payment gateway? It is an integration that connects your website to [...]

Pay Now! Speed Up Payments With A Simple Website Button2020-02-10T14:20:29-06:00

How Recurring Payments Will Improve Revenue Cycle Management


When utilizing recurring billing, you can effectively and efficiently collect patient payments. This makes it easier to begin expansion on your practice’s services and will help streamline front-office work! A 2018 ZirMed survey revealed that 86% percent of patients who receive cost estimates said they understand their payment responsibility upfront. The same survey also revealed [...]

How Recurring Payments Will Improve Revenue Cycle Management2020-01-29T10:08:12-06:00

Should Your Business Accept American Express?


(The Answer is YES!) For some business owners, they feel like they are taking the right cost-cutting measures. Why take American Express, which charges slightly higher fees, when my customers usually have Visa or MasterCard as a backup? For example, Barry’s Burger Joint decided not to take American Express. When John pays for his dinner [...]

Should Your Business Accept American Express?2018-11-15T18:26:15-06:00

Drop The Signature?


Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Visa Ditch Signature Requirement For decades we’ve been signing our names to make purchases at the counter. But now, the sales signature could be as relevant as the 8-track tape player. As of April 2018, the four major credit card companies scrapped requiring signatures after a transaction. For Visa, this only [...]

Drop The Signature?2018-10-11T15:24:37-05:00