Overpaying for Debit Transactions


Do you know how much your office is paying to process a debit card? You could be paying hundreds of dollars too much every month. We’ll tell you exactly what to look for on your statement. NOTE: If your current processing provider is one of the large national banks, you’ll definitely want to read on.  [...]

Overpaying for Debit Transactions2016-10-14T10:23:36-05:00

5 Ways to Reduce Fraud Over the Holidays


Written by Cara Dolberg With the holidays quickly approaching, we want to give you important information on how to reduce fraudulent charges. As a business owner or manager, this information will help keep your money in your pocket and will reduce the headache of dealing with fraudulent charges down the road. A chargeback [...]

5 Ways to Reduce Fraud Over the Holidays2013-11-26T15:40:19-06:00

Credit Card Processing Questionnaire


Choosing the right credit card processing company can be a confusing task. What questions do you ask? What will the costs really be? To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of questions that you should ask any prospective credit card processing provider and even your current provider. Have your sales representative sign [...]

Credit Card Processing Questionnaire2013-11-20T08:32:14-06:00

Is it time to offer your products online?


From mobile apps to the Internet and social media, shopping as we once knew it has forever changed. Thanks to technology, shoppers are much more knowledgeable and know where to find the best deals. For a business, effectively marketing your products has become much more difficult – you can’t just place an ad in your [...]

Is it time to offer your products online?2013-06-24T14:31:20-05:00

Who we are. What we do.


What we do at Best Card. Those who know and do business with Best Card will agree that we do much more than just provide the best credit card processing solution – I may be a little biased… We’d like your help in spreading the Best Card word to small to large businesses across Nebraska [...]

Who we are. What we do.2013-05-03T15:03:03-05:00

Interchange Pricing Versus Tiered Pricing


Planning a vacation on the amount we will save you. Not impossible! Being a small business ourselves, we understand how important it is to save every penny possible. We shop around for everything – office space, technology, office supplies – to ensure we are getting the best deals  possible. Many business owners overlook the possibility [...]

Interchange Pricing Versus Tiered Pricing2013-04-09T13:12:14-05:00
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