Credit Card Processing for Healthcare Offices

Healthcare Payment ProcessingFrom chiropractic offices to dentists and family doctors, Best Card has an affordable and reliable credit card payment solution for your office.

Streamline your operations with Best Card’s full suite of payments products and services including recurring payments, online bill pay to receive payments from your website, and many more additional add-on features to help eliminate stress and improve work flow.

Here are just a few reasons why you should trust your credit card processing to Best Card:

  • Extremely competitive processing rates
  • No long term contract
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Businesses can use existing equipment
  • Cutting edge credit card hardware available to purchase or lease
  • Variety of add-on services available

Best Card is committed to advancing your business. That’s why we are going beyond today’s technologies to develop innovations that will help you enhance your operations — bringing you and your customers robust payments solutions and more convenience.

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Recurring Payments & Invoices

Online ShoppingOffering recurring payments is a great way for businesses to sell merchandise in installment payments and offer products and services to their customers on a subscription or membership basis.

This easy-to-use and time saving solution gives businesses the flexibility to specify the recurring method for each transaction such as:

  • Type (sale or authorize only) and amount of the initial transaction
  • Immediate or delayed processing
  • Amount of each recurring transaction
  • Frequency of transactions (weekly, monthly, etc)
  • Number of times to process the recurring transaction – allowing for a limited number of recuralls

With the automated reporting and customer notification of our recurring payment and invoice solution, businesses don’t have to worry about the time and resources associated with manual billing and customer follow up. It effectively manages the recurring transaction and subscriptions  and notifies businesses of the status of each transaction, even alerting the business owner to any upcoming credit card or subscription expirations.

Secure — All transactions are ran on a secure, cloud-based payment gateway, giving business owners the confidence in knowing that their customer information will not be compromised.

Efficient — merchants can easily specify the repetition and frequency for payments, eliminating manual billing processes that cost time and money.

Cost Effective — through email notifications, the merchant can be proactive in managing upcoming credit card or subscription expirations, which can help reduce the number of authorization declines.

Customer Retention — by providing flexible and automated billing plans and subscriptions, merchants can truly meet the needs of their customers, and keep them coming back more frequently.

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invoices solution, please contact us.